Apps to Travel More Sustainably

Your best responsible research tool when travelling is your phone! 🙌🏼

Apps to travel more sustainably

We've browsed the app store and discovered some awesome apps to help you with your #sustainabletravel journeys.
🌿 Find and book eco-friendly hotels worldwide with @wayajapp
🌿 Join daily actions to reduce your carbon pollution with @1millionwomen app
🌿 Book sustainable hotel with @goodwingstravel
🌿 Find water refill stations for your reusable bottles with @refillhq
🌿 Share food and waste less with @olio_ex
🌿 Share bikes around the world with @spinlistr
🌿 Find plant-based food worldwide with @happycow
🌿 Find locally farmed food with Locavore
🌿 Track your carbon emissions from travel and offset car and plane rides with @offcents
🌿 Find #zerowaste stores in cities around the world with Zero Waste App
🌿 Make small changes to improve your everyday impact with @eevieecohabits
Together, with the help of a bit of tech, we can make our adventures that much better! 😁👍🏼