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The travel industry casts hope in the new decade

According to several studies, sustainable tourism is the most prominent travel trend in 2020. An astonishing 3 out of 4 travellers worldwide believe sustainable travel practices should be a priority! Green-accommodation, slow travelling, locally produced and eco-certified will be a must for most travellers during their adventures this new year.

The good news doesn’t end here!

travel sustainably and responsibly by avoiding plastic and supporting local business   travel sustainable, avoid single-use plastic by carrying travel essentials

Industry leaders are setting examples and remarkable initiatives are taking place globally. An inspiring example is the Iberostar Group who've started the program `Wave Of Change´ in 2019. They’ve committed to promoting sustainable fishing, marine conservation and to eliminate 100% of single-use plastic in the rooms of their 110 hotels and resorts worldwide!  

Although there’s no denying the global adventurer is striving towards responsible travel, there’s a lot of work to still be done.

Plastic consumption is a major area for environmental improvement, considering the immense impact caused in developing nations without the infrastructure for proper waste management. Reusable straws and tote bags are becoming essential in traveller’s packing checklists; but when will we ditch the 3rd most common item found during coastal cleanups: the plastic bottle?

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With waterborne pathogens still found in over 100 nations, water safety is no doubt a major concern of any international traveller. Yet the available products to travel feeling safe that have full coverage to effectively remove viruses and harmful contaminants remain few. Those that meet this criterion seem extremely bulky/heavy, making them less practical for the international traveller. Other alternatives are often cheaply made, with basic design flaws that leak or exposed drinking spouts providing zero protection from airborne contaminants. With little middle ground and few products that can perform in harsh environments, it’s understandable that bottled water remains a common choice to keep safe whilst abroad.

filter purifer bottle for traveling developing nations around the world

If sustainable travel is the new decade’s resolution, will adventure seekers stop feeling so free to travel to their dream destinations so they can avoid consuming single-use plastic?

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