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Travel Feeling Free

Person by a waterfall by Rio Hodges

Travelling typically isn't easier when committing to leave a cleaner trail. There aren't so many convenient choices when conscientious of our consumption, but that is the point. We should look to escape our dependency from the products destroying nature at the expense of convenience. 

It's more than convenience when travelling though, we’ve often felt restricted when choosing our itinerary due to the accessibility of drinking water available in our dreamed destinations and on occasion given up desired adventures to go plastic-free. The alternative, baring the guilt of leaving single-use plastic in nations where 'away' means that spot 30 meters from the edge of town, just by the river.

Laotian girls walking to school in a rural village

We love adventure, the feeling of being free, and although many times we take the touristic route, we always jump on a local bus or rent a scooter to wander the remote and not so well known areas. The authentic ones where kids giggle with excitement to see new faces, but where even bottled water is not sold on any corner. We have seen ourselves in pretty uncomfortable circumstances when unable to find anywhere to refill our reusable bottles or even buy a plastic one in the intense heat of a tropical destination. 

Wayfarer universal purifier by Senda Essentials on the side of a backpack

In the past, despite being surrounded by travellers both in our free time and at work, we were unaware of the water filtering/purifying options available to the traveller. The most we knew about the topic is that Sheldon Cooper had a purification device to drink his urine in case of an emergency. When introduced to the few devices already on the market, such as UV purifiers, filter bottles, and chemical tablets, we noticed that none of them were fully compatible with our needs or wallets.

After years of slow travelling, we want a light essential that adds virtually no weight to our luggage. Whether it is a 7kg cabin bag for a weekend getaway or an overloaded 50L backpack that our shoulders will bare for 6 months around South America. A versatile device that gives us the freedom to swap and change bottle capacities whether walking the humid streets of Saigon or that hike to a secluded waterfall and remain free to fill up on the go. We want a device that keeps the stream water ice cold for hours in summer or leaves it at room temp on those cooler autumn days. An essential that adapts to all our adventures and helps us travel better, helps us travel feeling free.

Do you want that too? 

Well, its name is the Wayfarer Universal Purifier! It's the project we've been working on for almost a year to help protect your adventures and our oceans. 

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  • Pam Thorley

    This sounds like a very necessary accessory for anyone going even slightly “off the beaten track”. I don’t think I’m likely to do that, but have spent hours in various ‘cheap’ accommodations where I would have loved to have had access to some safe drinking water. The same applied when I was stranded in Montreal Airport for four days. Too expensive to keep buying bottled water and your re-usable bottle would have been so valuable to me then.
    All I need to know now is the Price, and when can I get one?
    I’d also like to add that it is wonderful to see people from Taigum having a go. Congratulations :-)

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