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Sustainably Sourced Organic Bamboo

BPA free

Silicone Seal

Black Elastic Strap 

700 ml capacity

20*11*6.5 cm


When traveling not only do we want to see it all, but to taste it all too!

There is nothing better than joining a night market and tasting the exotic delicacies of the local cuisine, unfortunately, this comes with a lot of single-use food containers and cutlery.
Our Bamboo Lunchbox is perfect for those culinary expeditions around town or to take a hearty meal on that long clunky bus ride. Enough to carry a meal that will get you going for the day without taking unnecessary space in your bag.
There's more to our bamboo lunchbox too, it’s made of biodegradable bamboo fibre and cornstarch, a silicone seal ensures a snug fit and an elastic band for extra security.

Understandably we have used bamboo. The super plant that can grow up to 90cm in height every day, making it the fastest growing woody plant in the world, pretty crazy huh. Not only that but every part of the bamboo plant can be used. Zero waste mate!


Your lunchbox is made from natural materials and should be looked after with care

We recommend wiping the lid occasionally with vegetable oil to protect bamboo and maximize its lifespan. 
Bamboo fibre box is dishwasher friendly
The bamboo lid is not dishwasher friendly and should not be soaked to avoid bamboo warping.
Do not use in the microwave or oven

Responsibly Made in China