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800ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle

600ml Foldable Water Bottle

Organic Bamboo Lunchbox

Cutlery and Straw Set

Organic Cotton Tote

Organic Mesh Bag

Senda’s Tote has plenty of space to hold all your Essentials

Under 1kg


The Travel Essentials is the reason Senda was created.

We saw the need for change in our surroundings and own misguided habits during our travels. Realising our impact we decided to be part of the solution and put together a simple yet essential combination of tools to never leave home without, creating a path for a plastic-free journey.

The pack contains all Senda’s launching products with the dream of creating a new standard for travel.

We have done our best to keep the Travel Essentials affordable without sacrificing an ounce of quality to achieve this, with the belief every traveller should have the chance of leaving a cleaner path.

It's our promise these Essentials will leave you feeling proud after that trip of a lifetime, having played a part in the future of travel.

Note: Please read the `care’ section on each product page to ensure proper care for your Essentials.


Responsibly Made in China