Water Refill Sticker

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Refilling your reusable bottles safely in developing nations can at times prove to be a challenge, together we would like to make this a little easier! 

Many nations already have coin-operated filtered water dispensers to fill up on the street in front of storefronts and local businesses. Throughout Asia, you'll find it’s the norm for most restaurants and accommodations to have 20L water drums. This purified water is usually offered to guests and patrons for free or if you have not used their facilities a small fee is understandably applied.

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Our water refill sticker is for this exactly, to ask local businesses not already selling water in this way and offer a sustainable option for them to provide consumers with. Not only that but suggesting a great alternative to make considerably more income from its sale than bottled water. 
By opting to refill instead of purchasing bottled water you will not only be helping to reduce plastic but supporting a circular economy where the water is purified (typically Reverse Osmosis & UV Ultrapurification), distributed and sold all by locals.
We believe it's worth the extra effort when you can share a different set of needs for travellers and certainly a more sustainable practice.
Let's help make this easier for everyone and say goodbye to single-use once and for all!